Xerox/Hp/Cartridge Innovations Assorted Toner Cartridges

1 boxes full of various inks and replacement parts for electronic printers and gadgets. Sold as a set only. Models and quantity: LH39A-15 LH91A-15 LH4192A-15 LH4193A-15 LH4194A-15 LH4191A-15 (2) LH2683A-15 (2) LH2682A-15 (2) LH2681A-15 (2) LH542A-2 LH542A-2 LH95A-15 (2) LH6473A-2 LH4150A-15 LH4151A-15 LH4152A-15 LH4152A-15 LH15X-5 LH75A-8 LH03A-15 LH15X-15 LH3961A-5 LH24X-15 (2) LH9703A-15 LH38A-2 OEMLH38A LL59-15 LL46-20 LEX25-15 LH06A-15 LL360-15 LL48-15 LCE40-15 LH75A-15 (2)

Dimensions 20.0ʺW x 20.0ʺD x 20.0ʺH
Item ID 1015015
# Pieces 11

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