Can I come in and look at an item before I purchase?

You can purchase items via The Local Flea online store and view items during the pickup. Purchased items can be returned for 7 days after pickup as long as the item is in the same condition as when purchased. 

The Local Flea also hosts several "flea market" sales at our warehouse.  Enter your email at the top of the page to register with us and received notifications about upcoming events. Please schedule an appointment at if you want to come view item outside of the designated sale times. 


How do I get my item?

You can select to come pick it up at no charge from our location at 160 Sylvester Rd, South San Francisco, CA

We also offer delivery in the Bay Area for a fee. 

We can also ship purchases of shippable items (i.e. smaller than a microwave) nationally. 

When you checkout, you will arrange a time to pick-up at your convenience using the Click and Collect option.


What is your return policy?

All items purchased via The Local Flea have a 7-day return policy.  


What if my item does not work or has some undisclosed damage?

We sell all items as-is. When an item is received we do a thorough inspection and disclose anything we find in the product page. However, sometimes there may be some damage that was not discovered during the inspection.  This may be especially the case for large appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines, and refrigerators; we have no way to test these products in our warehouse. This is way we offer 7-day return policy on all the items. 


I am looking for a specific item, can you notify me if and when you get it in?

Absolutely! We receive new items daily. If you are looking for something specific and we do not have it, please use the Contact Form and describe what you are looking for. We will notify you if we receive something you are interested in!